teresa ruiz decker

Social Media | Content | Digital Communications

Comms? Social? Marketing? Yes, please! Love exploring the anything and everything related to communications, social media and marketing. Happy to learn and share knowledge alike!

Ten years ago if you would have asked me where I saw my career headed, I would have said journalism -- hands down. I loved writing and working with people, so being a reporter felt like a natural fit. Now having worked in communications for both the private and public sector, I can see how my windy road to marketing and communications has landed me exactly where I am meant to be!

I love that my work touches on all aspects of communications, and that engaging people is at the heart of everything I do. I still use the core skills I learned as a journalist -- telling a story, breaking down complicated subjects, never miss a deadline and juggling priorities -- but now I'm also driving communications and marketing strategies for organizations instead of filing stories at a news desk. The best part is my career has given me a front row seat watching journalism make a jump from print to online, while wrestling with the explosion social media. I dove right in and have learned something new about social media every day since. Happy to share my knowledge in social media, communications and marketing with anyone who is interested. Let's build something great together!