You read that correctly. I'm not going to waste this space trying to convince you I'm the best communications or content marketing person on the planet.

I'm really damn good at what I do, but that's mostly because I listen closely to the communications challenges my clients are experiencing. 

Listening and learning from you gives me insight into your world and allows me to capture a high-level view of what we need to do to distill your message and reach your audience. I don't just want to build you a sales page that "converts" or write a communications plan that will sit on your share drive unused. 

Strategy is important but you can't get anyone to take action if you don't meet people where they are at, speak their language and offer real world solutions to what they need.

Yes, there are real marketing and communications strategies that we will use in our work together. But any and all marcomm strategies need to be integrated with everything else happening at your organization and line up with your organizational goals so we are crystal clear on the progress our communications work is doing. Sound good?

    OK, now the usual about me stuff


    I'm Teresa Ruiz Decker, a content marketing professional and communications lover, living with my awesome hubby in sunny Santa Cruz, CA. My windy career path uncovered a slew a topics I love to write about all things economic empowerment like: higher ed, first-generation college students, workforce development, careers and personal finance to help people get ahead. 

     I've worked at and with a bunch of cool places including the LA Times, Trust Company of the West, CSU Office of the Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State, Cal State Long Beach, Digital NEST, United Way, Community Foundation of Santa Cuz County and more.

    Proud mamma of two, always up for good music, ice cream and cocktails. Often seen strolling along East Cliff, sipping coffee and taking in the view.