So glad you're interested in working with me!

Here's why I'm a great fit...


Web Content Expert

More than a decade working on websites means everything from content management systems to information architecture and design have rolled across my keyboard. I've sat at the table with IT experts, program departments, health professionals, and execs to come up with creative web solutions. I'm also not afraid of some basic coding to trouble shoot when needed. 



Employee Champion

Who doesn't want to love where they work? Communications can go a long way toward building a great workplace culture that keeps people engaged and helps increase retention. I've worked on internal content that speaks to the employee experience, tells compelling team member stories and makes people feel connected to an organization's mission. 


Systems Thinker

Large organizations call for systems and processes that can be scaled up, are user-friendly and make work easier. I can see the big picture of content strategy to create systems for fresh, forward thinking websites that connect with users.  I've got solid project management experience, great judgement to make tough calls and a collaborative style that gets things done.


Writing, where it all started...

My journalism background has proven invaluable as I've navigated website building over the years. Quick thinking and a way with words makes me an excellent editor and writer. I've turned my passion for print into online writing for organizations that sets the right tone and always strives for editorial excellence. Check out some of my latest pieces:


Who is Teresa?

It's always nice to get to know who you might be working with, so here's a little about me to start the conversation.
I am...

  • Totally into writing and websites
  • A wannabe coder at heart
  • An advocate for educational and health equity
  • Always open to change, learning and growing
  • Deadline, results & impact driven -- sometimes to a fault
  • A lover of potlucks and happy hours
  • Hanging at the beach with the kids and husband most weekends
  • Convinced everyone deserves a job they love