Weekends are for inspiration: Shared Adventures

The speed of life is breathtaking sometimes. I feel like one moment I am closing my eyes "just for a second" for some nap time with Selena, and magically I am halfway through another week of meetings, planning, crossing off to do list items and finishing chores. 

After the baby came I often wondered if I would have enough time to do the things I love most: writing, reading, volunteering, non-profit consulting, hanging with friends and of course having a cocktail. Now that Selena is 5 months old, I feel I am gaining new ground.

Such a big part of parenting is planning and scheduling. I love spontaneity, but I have learned quickly that if it is a priority I must plan for it. 

Scheduling Some Good 

That's exactly why I scheduled a little time to volunteer with Shared Adventures. I came across SA while recruiting for our very first non-profit marcom meetup. Shared Adventures helps people with disabilities have outdoor adventures. Wow, talk about an inspiring organization! While visiting their site I noticed call for volunteers for their Annual Day on the Beach

"Ugh I would SO love to do this," I thought to myself, "but no waaaaay I have time." 

Then another thought occurred. I need to MAKE time, and ask my husband to support me in this activity. Giving back is important to me, and I believe that if something is important I need to make the time for it.  So I signed up and sent my husband an invitation on our calendar -- along with suggestion that we do a "baby swap" if he also felt moved to volunteer. That meant I could do a morning shift and he could do an afternoon shift. 

I am so very glad we did. 

Taking It In

Last Saturday I woke nice and early (even before baby) to get myself going. I headed down to Cowell's Beach and joined a motley crew of volunteers willing to help with set up for the big day. I put up easy-up tents, prepped some food, put out tables and chairs and a few other odds and ends. As I marched in the sand to and from the loading area there were several times I stopped to take in and reflect on the beauty and simple acts of giving, love and joy all around me. Here are some snapshots of inspiration: